Monday, November 17, 2008


Actually the Jack-o-lanterns we made this year were pretty neat, but I just thought the title was fitting, seeing how it's taken me this long to post about Halloween.

The reason being because we ended up with zero pictures of us in our costumes. I spent quite a bit of time on Treyson's and NOTHING to show for it.

As for Griffin and Kai, I'm sure most of you can just imagine them -- Griffin was Black Spiderman and Kai was Red Spiderman. There were plenty of those costumes out this year. Since I've tried to keep a family theme going, Jeff was Peter Parker, I was Mary Jane and Trey was the Sandman. The shirt I made for him was pretty dang cute and unless my mom got some pictures, we may have lost the memory forever.

Here are the few Halloween pictures I did get:

Griffin had a Fall Festival at school where he acquired a classic party favor:

Quite a studious looking bunch.

Now back to the pumpkins. Jeff got his done first. He opted for the traditional scary approach. I was kind of in a time crunch to get mine done -- so I went more "simple chic".

As I was trying to take the above picture, I kept getting blurry shots because I turned my camera on the no flash setting to get the full effect. I got frustrated after a while and wondered what would happen if I purposely moved my camera around while taking the shot. Here is the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING result:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!?? I couldn't do that again if I tried! 20 MINI JACKS ON ONE PUMPKIN !!! ...... I...... uh...... I'm still speechless. What do you think?

This was my brother Jason's disgusting display (the pumpkin, not his face):


The Browns said...

It's about time! =] Those pumpkins are awesome!