Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight at midnight

Am I enough of a Twilight fan to go see the first showing last night at midnight?
Was I a bit disappointed?
Did Edward look really intense and weird almost the whole movie?
Did Jasper look just plain weird?
Were there any funny and enjoyable parts?
Did my sister, Katie (who has not read the books), like it?
Were the people sitting behind us really annoyed because we tried many times to get a picture of us sisters together?
Do we think Katie can take a picture without blinking?
I love the one where Katie is licking the side of the picture. Frame #4.
And frame #7 is me trying to hold Katie's eyes open until the very last second. Not successful.


Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures are hilarious!!! I'm going tomorrow night with some friends to see the movie. I sort of feel pre-disappointed. But I'm trying to go in with a light-minded attitude. You know, low expectations.

Anonymous said...

Pic #1 - J&K -blinking/C-nice
#2 - J licking/C&K - nice
#3 - K blinking/J winking/C-okay
#4- All 3 licking
#5 - K blinking /J&C nice
#6- C&K 'gleeking'/J- umm......
#7 - K blinking/J-nice/C forced
#8- Guy in back blinking
#9 - J licking/C&K nice
#10 - Finally, thank goodness for digital!!
Love you guys, funny

Keri said...

Jasper looked so weird in every shot he was in, how did they manage that? I think the whole theater was laughing at parts we weren't supposed to be laughing. I did think there were some good parts but I was glad I didn't go last night, I went for the daytime hours. I'm lame what can I say!